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Did you know? Addictions can cost more than $30,000 a year.

Cost is one of the main barriers to treatment, but it shouldn’t be. The cost of maintaining an addiction is always significantly higher than a treatment program. Drugs and alcohol cost money. Some estimates are around $5,000 annually for alcohol use, $7,000 for marijuana, $32,850 for pain pills, $18,250 for heroin and $5,200 for cocaine.

The true cost of addiction is more than the cost of the drug itself. In 2017, the CDC reported that the opioid crisis cost our nation $115 billion. It’s estimated that our country will lose another $500 billion over the next three years if something isn’t done. Sadly, everyone foots this bill. Individuals, private sectors and government sectors all lose money due to lost productivity, social services, education, health care and criminal justice.

Cost is a major barrier to addiction treatment, but it shouldn’t be. The cost of treatment can stop this cycle and alleviate financial burdens on individuals, businesses and the government. If you have out-of-pocket costs, you can use a credit card to pay for this balance, take out a personal loan or apply for a grant through SAMHSA.

Aside from the actual cost of paying for drugs and alcohol, addiction takes a toll in many ways. It drains personal relationships, adversely affects work performance and declines your mental and physical health state of being.

Although the initial costs of treatment may seem out of reach, help is available. There is always a way to make treatment affordable, and we can help. Compassion Behavioral Health offers personalized addiction treatment services.

We are the only treatment center that offers two distinct tracks for treating co-occurring disorders for substance abuse and mental health. More than just choosing the best route of care, our clients receive individualized treatment. CBH rehab center in Hollywood, Florida offers three (3) primary levels of care that may be covered by your health insurance including:

Residential Mental Health Treatment

Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing (PHP)

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

General Outpatient Treatment

Our admissions specialists are effective at helping people get the most treatment from their insurance. To verify your insurance, complete the insurance intake form below or call us at 1-844-660-0084 with any questions.
Don’t delay! The sooner treatment begins, the sooner healing begins.

Our team of experienced admissions coordinators are available to speak with you any hour of the day or night

Please call us at (844) 660-0084 to verify your insurance, if you have any questions or are interested in learning more. Don’t delay, the sooner you or a loved one gets treatment the sooner you can start the healing process.

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